Shut Down Freeport and Give the Right to Self-Determination for West Papua Nation!

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Greetings for Solidarity

PT Freeport Indonesia has long been a disaster for the West Papuan people. The presence of Freeport in Papua can not be separated with the presence of violations of human rights and environmental destruction in the land of Papua. Also, the Indonesian government is contributing to the calamities that West Papuans suffer.

For the sake of securing the investment process, military operations are held. After the Trikora Operation on 19 December 1961, there were several other military operations such as Banten Kedaton Operation, Garuda Operation, Serigala Operation, Kancil Operation, Naga Operation, Rajawali Operation, Lumbung Operation, and Jatayu Operation. The Operations by sea are Show of Force Operation, Cakra Operation, Lumba-lumba Operation, Jayawijaya Operation and Special Operations. Almost everything is done for the sake of West Papua region. But apparently this is for the convenience and security of capital investment process.

In 2000, ELSHAM Papua made a report on the violence of security forces taking place in various areas of West Papua. In Paniai, 614 people died, 13 were missing, 94 were raped. In Biak, 102 people died, 3 were missing, 37 were persecuted, 150 were arrested. In Wamena, 475 people died. In Sorong, 60 people died, 5 were missing, and 7 were victims of rape. In Jayawijaya, 137 people died, 2 were missing, 10 were victims of rape, and 3 were victims of persecution. Not to mention the burning of places of worship, villages, homes. That also did not include other areas, which have not been well recorded.

In the Human Rights Watch report, security forces in the mining area are suspected of using Freeport Indonesia facilities such as vehicles, offices, and company containers to transport people. Of course many end up with torture and even murder. From the Papua Police report to the Finance Police Headquarters, Freeport is known to have disbursed Rp 43.9 billion to Papua Police by 2015 and Rp 21.4 billion in the first half of 2016. Also, we can not forget the Freeport-McMoran report to the Commission US Securities and Exchange that noted that they gave 4.7 million US dollars in 2001, and 5.6 million in 2002, for “government security services”. By the Indonesian security forces, the large funds were regarded as “the help of someone with good intentions”.

In addition to the violation of humanity, Freeport Indonesia also plays a major role in West Papua’s natural destruction. Tens of thousands of ha of forests have been converted into dead forests. River flooding due to waste deposits falling into the category of B3 waste (Bahan Beracun Berbahaya – Hazardous Toxic Substances). The tailings waste is dumped into the Ajkwa River, one of the rivers among the five other rivers in Mimika. There are other rivers such as the Aghawagon River, Otomona River, Minjerwi River, Aimoe River and Tipuka River. Freeport Indonesia has contaminated the waters with harmful acidic liquids for aquatic life.

PT Freeport, American imperialism and Indonesian colonialism and militarism in West Papua constitute a unity that plays a major role in the systematic oppression in West Papua. The country is used as a tool of a group of investors in power to legalise the oppression on the land of Papua. The first contract of work of PT Freeport and Indonesia was done in 1967, while the Perpera – Penentuan Pendapat Rakyat (Determination of People’s Opinion) was carried out in 1969, with manipulative and undemocratic practice. This is a reflection of the collaboration between capitalism, colonialism, and militarism applied through the political practice of the forced annexation of Papua into the framework of the Republic of Indonesia without giving freedom for the Papuan people to determine its own fate.

Therefore, we, the Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua, together with the Papuan Student Alliance, demand:

  1. Dispel and Close Freeport
  2. Audit Freeport wealth and provide severance pay for the labour
  3. Audit mining reserves and environmental damage
  4. Dispel     organic and non-organic Indonesian National Armed Forces     (TNI)/Indonesian National Police (Polri) from West Papua land
  5. Stop conflict engineering in Timika
  6. Give the right to self-determination as democratic solution to the West Papuan people
  7. Investigate, arrest, prosecute and imprison those who violate human rights during     Freeport’s existence in West Papua
  8. Let the     people of West Papua determine the future of the Freeport mine in West Papua
  9. Freeport is obliged to rehabilitate the environment due to mining     exploitation

These urgent demands are an inseparable part of the process of self-determination for the people of West Papua.

Thus this attitude statement is made, Thank you for the support, participation, and cooperation of all parties.


Greetings for Solidarity

Battlefield, March 29, 2018


Spokesperson of the Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua: Surya Anta

Chairman of the Papuan Student Alliance: Jhon Gobai

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